Located in central Oslo, next to pro audio distributors Prolyd with daylight, comfortable and spacious communal area it’s a great place to have a mix room. There’s even a waterfall just outside if you need to reset your ears. Lots of new toys to try out courtesy of the nice people at Prolyd too.

Moving back to Oslo from a year up in beautiful Alesund where I was working from Oceansound Recordings. I decided to build my own mix room and have a room the way I wanted it.

After working in a lot of great studios in London and around the world I kept thinking of these 2 rooms. I thought they were amazing to work in and results were always great. So they’re my ideal of what a good room should sound like.

Strongroom studio 3

AIR Lyndhurst studio 1

I built the mix room with help from Ric Vaughan in the planning and design stage and Andy Peace in the building stage. I wanted a room to mix in that was going to be acoustically as good as possible without being impossibly expensive. Everything had to be able to be built by myself and Andy, so acoustic treatments are pretty old school but have worked amazingly well and it’s a nice accurate sounding room that’s great to work in. With a new pair of his fantastic V3110 monitors from Roger Quested the room is sounding even better.


Some pictures from the move

  • Good studio weather
  • outside the mix room at Oceansound
  • looking out of the window... again
  • outside studio B
  • midnight at Oceansound studio B
  • awesome petrol station
  • on the way to Oslo with the console
  • Andy reflecting
  • Outside the new Oslo mix room
  • IMG_1826
  • IMG_1808
  • Old school bass trap
  • IMG_1892
  • IMG_1888
  • IMG_1891
  • IMG_1889