Lots of prototypes from Thermionic Culture come into the room to get evaluated and developed. Modules in the Neve part of the console keep being added. Plugins get better. Prolyd kindly let me try gear out, so there’s always something new to play with. The list changes in an endless search for the perfect equipment combination of both analogue and digital.


RND 5033 x 4
RND 5051 x 2
RND 5052 x 2
Thermionic Culture The Swift x 1
Thermionic culture Freebird x 4
Thermionic culture Nightingale x 1
Thermionic culture Pullet / Earlybird  x 2
Thermionic culture Fat Bustard x 1
Tonelux eqp4 x 4
Chandler curve bender x 1


RND 5043 x 2
RND 5051 x 2
Thermionic culture Super Phoenix x 1
Thermionic culture Phoenix x 1
Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 x 1
Thermionic culture Nightingale x 1
Empirical labs distressor x 2
Urei LA4 x 1
Mohog 1176 x 1
Chandler Ltd. Zener Limiter x 1
Dangerous Music compressor x 1
Heritge Audio 2264jr x 2


Thermionic culture Vulture limited edition x 1
Thermionic culture Vulture mastering x 1
Thermionic culture Silver bustard x 1
Moog the ladder filter x 1
Moog analogue delay x 1
Accutronics spring reverb x 1
RND 542 tape simulator x 2
Cooper Time Cube – vintage Urei model x1


Dangerous music monitor ST + digital input switcher
Trinnov ST2 pro optimiser
Quested V31102
Neumann KH310
Quested VH2108
Adam A7


Protools HDX with Uad Quad and Octo cards.
DAD AX32 converters.
Plugins from Avid, UAD, fabfilter, DMG Audio, etc…..