A Rupert Neve designs and Thermionic Culture hybrid. High voltage, low noise, class A, discrete and valve electronics.

  • 50 inputs. 8 groups. 8 aux
  • RND eq modules 5033 x 4, 5051 x 2, 5052 x 2
  • Thermionic culture eq channels. Freebird x 12, nightingale x 2, Pullet x 4, Fat Bustard x 2
  • Stereo buss compression. RND 5043 x 2, RND 5051 x 2, Thermionic Culture Super Phoenix x 1, Dangerous Music Compressor x 1
  • Automation by Shadowmix and SSL


  • console in Oslo 05/14
  • Console at Oceansound B 03/13
  • console in Oslo 05/14
  • Console at Oceansound B 03/13
  • In bits
  • Thermionic half of the console coming together

Thermionic vs Neve

I’d been involved in designing the fat bustard mixer and freebird channel eqs at Thermionic Culture

and knew them inside out. They became a part of my sonic palate and mixing workflow so I needed my own console to add functionality without compromising their sound. The 5088 was the best possible solution.

The design of the 5088 takes concepts from the golden age of large format discrete consoles and cranks things up a gear. I was really attracted to it because of the unique electronics inside it that come from an amazing pedigree but are designed to improve on that and create something new. That’s the same philosophy that drives Thermionic Culture.

The console is amazing to mix on and the results are like nothing else I have heard before. It performs perfectly for mixing from protools and makes mixing quicker and more enjoyable than ever. The sound quality of the modules and console is so good that I can use any combination them for mastering if I want to. That’s something I’ve never found in a console before. It means I can go from mastering type cleanliness to full on dirt just using the console and that’s suits my tastes in sound perfectly.


The thing is growing..

I’m trying out new RND modules to the console and installing the ones that make things quicker and easier for me. The Shelford 5051 and 5052 modules are amazing. There are some new units in the pipeline at Thermionic and I’ve got a few plans for enhanced grouping and EQ’s which I’m going to be trying out and developing in the next few months.


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