I’ve been working with sound and music for 20 years.

Started off in a very unusual place called Chiswick Reach in west London.
The desk, outboard, mics and tape machines were all valve. Vic Keary took me on as engineer and I learnt my craft there over 5 years. The unusual nature of the place and Vic’s approach paid off in helping me to come from a solid background reaching back through many years of British studio engineering plus an open minded attitude to try anything if it might work.
I left to become freelance in 1997 and worked around London with some great bands, artists and producers in some great studios. Picking up ideas, attitudes and knowledge as I went.
One of the main things that has stuck with me is to make sure the intent and energy behind the music comes first. That’s what working with great producer / artists like Tim Frieze Greene, Bernard Butler, Mick Jones and James ford has in common… Being careful to make things sound nice is not always what makes exciting records.

The other part of my career has been my involvement with Thermionic Culture. Vic took me on at Chiswick Reach because I was really into valves and he taught me about them. That resulted in me having an idea for a distortion device that exploited valves configured in different ways. We went to the pub to discuss this further, came back with a schematic drawn on a beer mat and the Culture Vulture was born. I’ve now been company co-director for 20 years and stay involved amongst other things in developing new products. Which is the fun part.

So… After all that being done in London I moved to Norway and even moved around in Norway until I settled back in Oslo. It’s a beautiful place to live and there’s a lot going on with music. Loads of very talented Norwegian musicians, more than their fare share of awesome studio setups and just like me a lot of people from other countries visit, love it and find it an inspiring place to make music.


I regularly mix for artists from all over the world either online or in person. Meeting new artists / people to work together with is always exciting so if you’d like to contact me my email is:


If you’re in Norway you can call me onĀ  47161297